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25th Annual

Persimmon Party

Public Puckering Permitted at the 25th Annual Pitcher Park Persimmon Party. This charming, Old Towne event celebrates Orange's agricultural history, brings neighbors together and, of course, offers persimmons of all shapes and size. Join your friends and neighbors at Pitcher Park and try a fresh baked treat or just sit and listen to some great local music under the Park's beautiful shade trees.

12:00 PM -

3:00 PM

204 Cambridge St.

Orange, CA 92866

About the Persimmon Party

Throughout the city of Orange grow hundreds of Persimmon trees – a remnant of our agricultural past and a lovely, old-fashioned fruit that can be eaten raw, preserved and used for baking.


Started more than 20 years ago by Russ & Pat Barrios (Persimmon tree owners themselves,) this neighborhood party is a wonderful showcase of Orange’s utterly unique charm.


Proceeds from the party benefit the Pitcher Park Community Foundation for maintaining the landscape and museums of Pitcher Park. The event is free but there are hundreds of delicious Persimmons and locally baked treats for sale during the event.


This year’s party will be on November 13, 2016. CLICK HERE to download the event flyer.

Volunteers Needed



  • Persimmon Bake Sale

  • Locally Grown Persimmons

  • Persimmons 101

  • Honey House Sales & Treats

  • Free Samples

  • Homegrown Local Music

  • Museum Tours


  • Bake Persimmon Treats

  • Persimmon Pickers or Let Us Pick Your Tree Bake Sale Sellers


It takes a lot of volunteers to make a great Persimmon Party. And much of volunteerism we need takes place right in your own home.


If you can bak, we provide the cookbook and pulp. If you have a tree, pick your fruit and bring to the party or call us and we’ll send volunteers to pick your trees.


If you’re ready for Old Towne’s greatest Bake-Off then email us today and let us know you’re in!

CLICK HERE to contact us.

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